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Standard range

In our large standard range you will not only find cartons for cage eggs, barn eggs and free-range eggs, but also for quail eggs.




In striking colours and 3 different sizes  plus an emotional design this successful pack stands out on the shelf with its strong signal effect. For XL eggs we also supply the colourful imagic® MAX in 2 sizes. Professional labels reinforce the excellent distinguishing characteristics on the market.

Miniposter pack

This carton accommodates all common units in 7 different sizes. I'ts extensive scope for design en high quality label creates attractive ranges in the Iower and medium segment.

Fresh pack

The print  in rich colours clearly conveys the product statement. Available in different sizes, Fresh Pack™ with its distinctive windows, mostly stands for freshness in the lower price segment.


Mainly used for transport, protective trays are available for different standards and different egg sizes.


Boxes for quail eggs

Marketing Service

At Cnudde Packaging we are glad to design your brand and logo.

Our marketing and graphic design department helps you distinguish yourself from your competitors. During the creative proces we keep your brandvalues in mind and implement them in an attractive packaging. Together we create in this way a strong brand that stands out in the shelves.This shall convince the consumer and elevate your sales
In the same way we are pleased to help you with keeping your existing packaging up-to-date. Consequently we make sure that your packaging never goes out of style and strenghtens your brand.

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