Branding packaging

Egg packaging design

The packaging of your products is often just as important as the content. Cnudde Packaging makes the difference for you through custom packaging and customised guidance. Cage eggs, barn eggs or free-range eggs? We translate your branding and marketing concept into an attractive egg box.

How do we proceed?

From concept to finished product


During an initial interview, we would like to know which box suits you best. We give you an overview of our products, in all sizes and colours. After which you will receive a clear quotation.


Wish to give us the 'go ahead'? Then you choose a label or print. You provide a design or you engage our design team. We provide a box that perfectly matches your product and your target group.


After your approval of the packshots, the boxes are prepared for production. They are then stored in our warehouse and delivered on time when you need them.


The revolutionary egg packaging that meets the highest quality requirements. Finished to the smallest detail and available in 3 sizes. The colourful design ensures a beautiful presentation in the egg rack.

Imagic 2® 

Imagic’s big brother. The emotional design of the packaging immediately attracts attention in the supermarket or the local convenience store. For XL eggs we also supply the colourful Imagic® MAX, in 2 different sizes.


Beautiful cardboard boxes for quail eggs, chocolate eggs or soap products. The elegant, original and ecological alternative to plastic packaging. Available exclusively from Cnudde Packaging worldwide.


Fresh Pack®

The classic egg packaging. The Fresh Pack’s large viewing windows provide an immediate feeling of freshness and also offer the necessary ventilation. The most stable and reliable packaging for the lower price segment.

Egg trays for 30 pieces

Protective egg trays for 30 pieces, mainly used for transport. Available for different standards and egg sizes. Developed in accordance with all contemporary requirements regarding safety, logistics and transport.

Miniposter pack® / Plus Pack®

This egg box with a professional label is available in no less than 7 different sizes. With plenty of room for design and a high-quality label, these egg cartons are a real eye-catcher in the lower and medium ranges.