Remodeling the new classic ... PLUS PACK™ 2.0

Goodbye Plus Pack™ 1.0 and welcome new Plus Pack™ 2.0.

All the best features of a timeless classic, directly printed or labeled and optimized for all farm packaging lines.

The new 1x10 has already replaced the old one.
The 2x6 and 1x12 are expected in July.

Discover its benefits!

Welcome to our new member ... René ®!

Our star-shaped packaging for 6 eggs made from moulded fibre.

Contemporary and attractive design: a lid with 6 eggshaped holes on the side and space at the top for a large label (up to 10 cm in diameter).

Fresh eggs but also cooked and coloured eggs get an extra dimension in this packaging.

The rollout is foreseen in 2021.

This box is registered as a model.


Sustainable business? A piece of cake!

Whichever way you look at it, plastic is slowly destroying our planet. Since the 1970s millions of tonnes of plastic have been produced. Unfortunately, less than 10% of this ended up in the recycling chain.

The packaging for quail eggs is also often made from plastic. We can do better than that. That is why we developed a brand-new small egg carton. Ideal for quail eggs, but also for chocolate eggs or soap.

Do you also opt for environmentally friendly packaging? In that case, our small egg cartons are the ideal solution. Ecological, elegant and original. Ask our sales manager for more information.

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